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KOTAI- Meet the Japanese Brand That’s Taking Over the Knife Game

KOTAI- Meet the Japanese Brand That’s Taking Over the Knife Game

SukaldeUSA is thrilled to announce the launch of Kotai on our website, a highly-respected Japanese brand whose mission is to empower chefs worldwide by offering them cutting-edge knives, allowing them to transform their culinary ideas into reality and express their creativity in the kitchen. Some of the models are assembled by expert knifemakers in YangJiang, China’s knife-making capital for over 1,500 years, while others are finished in Seki, China’s world-famous knife capital. Every single Kotai knife is designed with high-end Japanese steel from Aichi, and undergoes a rigorous quality control process that upholds their reputation.

Kotai knives are in a lane of their own, made by combining traditional knifemaking methods with advanced technological processes that serve to optimize the mechanical properties of the steel, such as vacuum heat treatment and cryogenic cooling.

Bunka Collection

Luxury in a knife: feel the genuine ebony in your hand and experience the sharpness of Japanese 440C high-carbon steel with a knife from the Bunka Collection.

Pakka Collection

The best of both worlds: comfort & durability. Experience the unmatched quality of a black pakkawood handle, paired with a hammered 440C steel blade.

Knife Sets

Different knives serve different purposes. KOTAI Knife Sets offer unapparelled versatility in the kitchen through the variety of top-quality knives each set offers.


Optimize your KOTAI knives with accessories such as professional sharpening sets and bamboo cutting boards to protect your collection.

While Japanese knives are sharp and precise, they can also be fragile and prone to chipping and oxidation if not maintained properly, and while Western knives can be sturdy and rust-resistant, they lack the razor-sharpness of their Japanese counterparts; therefore, Jeremie Plane, founder of KOTAI, made it his goal to create the perfect union of a Japanese knife and a German knife, resulting in the birth of KOTAI: knives handmade with top-of-the-line Japanese Steel, and unmatched due to their light, precise, ultra-sharp, stainless, sturdy, and durable qualities. KOTAI knives undeniably have all the qualities that makes them the perfect knife for any chef.

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