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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95
KOTAI -Empowering Chef’s Globally, One Knife at a Time

KOTAI -Empowering Chef’s Globally, One Knife at a Time

Bridging the gap between Asian and Western Cutlery, KOTAI knives combine the light, precise, and ultra-sharp qualities of a Japanese knife and the stainless, sturdy, and durable qualities of a German knife, resulting in the best of both worlds. KOTAI’s unmatched innovation places them in a lane of their own, allowing them to transform the lives of professional chef’s, home cooks, and cooking enthusiasts on a global scale.

The journey behind KOTAI all began when its founder, Jeremie Plane, saved up and bought a knife in Kappabashi Sreet, Tokyo, after years of struggling with cooking with dull blades. In search for a better alternative, Plane set out to create the knife that has it all- one that combines the best features of a Japanese knife and a German knife, ideal for those who don’t want to deal with the fragile nature of traditional Japanese knives or the lack of the ultra-sharp blade of Western knives.

KOTAI knives are produced from only the best materials and by only the best knifemakers. Handmade from high-end Japanese steel from Aichi, KOTAI knives are created from the mastery of knife experts whose families have been in the craft for generations, with some models finished directly in the world-famous knife capital, Seki, Japan, and others assembled by expert knifemakers in China’s knife-making capital, YangJiang for over 1500 years.

Merging traditional knifemaking methods with advanced technology, KOTAI knives are made from process such as cryogenic cooling and vacuum heat treatment to allow for the optimization of the mechanical properties of the steel. KOTAI knives undergo a stringent quality control process- they are manually checked by three different inspectors before they leave the factory and into the hands of their satisfied customers. Additionally, KOTAI fully believes in the exceptional quality and durability of its knives, which is why they are proud to offer a lifetime warranty.

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