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Add Color to Your Kitchen

Add Color to Your Kitchen

A splash of color is sometimes all that's needed to tie everything together. If you feel like your kitchen is lacking flavor, it's time to consider adding some color to brighten things up. The following appliances are some to keep in mind if you not only want to add some style to your kitchen but also want to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. While neutral kitchens remain superior, we believe that a subtle pop of color can make a world of a difference in creating a more personalized kitchen worth showing off. Let us show you which appliances are worth the investment:





SMEG offers their electric kettle in the perfect pastel pink shade that will uplift the vibe of your kitchen. This small but mighty appliance has 7 temperature levels, and can prepare up to 7 standard cups of tea at once. The LED temperature display offers precise temperature control and the keep warm function maintains your set water temperature for up to 20 minutes. Preparing your favorite hot beverage has never been easier thanks to this high-tech device. The chic look this electric kettle features is sure to transform your kitchen area into one with style. 


Made in France, the Claude Dozorme corkscrew is an elegant collector’s item that features a conical tip that manages to open wine bottles without breaking the cap. Hand cut and polished by French artisan craftsmen, Claude Dozorme corkscrews are truly in a class of their own. Its high quality and prestige makes it popular among wine lovers and experts. The turquoise handle adds a beautiful pop of color that effortlessly complements the stainless-steel components of the corkscrew. If you’re a wine lover, this collector’s item will absolutely become a staple on wine nights with your family and friends.



A stand mixer is an excellent tool for maximizing productivity when you’re cooking. This handy appliance will become your own personal assistant in the kitchen due to its versatile nature. The Ankarsrum stand mixer comes in a variety of colors, and its unique engineering features a powerful and quiet 600-watt motor that features self-adjusting speed control. It includes a double whisk bowl assembly (bowl, whisks, head gear, and shaft), dough hook, roller, scraper, spatula, dust cover/ accessory bowl, and a cookie beater. Its modern design with a splash of color at the base will guarantee to make your kitchen space more aesthetically pleasing.



The Staub Cast Iron Pot is a unique appliance that will surely add class and style to your kitchen. Perfect for daily use in single-course dinners and slow cooked stews. The black enamel interior and airtight lid allows for the pot to retain moisture and distribute heat evenly. Its unique design offers a smooth transition from cooking on the stove to serving your dinner guests with ease. The knob of the pan features a captivating fish figure that accentuates the look of the appliance and adds a unique touch of beauty.


You don’t need to go all out to incorporate color into your kitchen space- often times, less is more.  Made in Italy, with an expertise that Fratelli Guzzini has specialized in for over more than 100 years, the Fratelli Guzzini porcelain mug features a simple yet innovative design that will surely add some spice to your cupboard. This gorgeous mug will elevate your collection with its elegant design and subtle yet stunning splash of color. Made of white porcelain, this mug is perfect for enjoying your favorite hot drink, such as coffee or hot chocolate.

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