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Coltelleria Saladini- Get to Know the Powerhouse of the Knife Industry

Coltelleria Saladini- Get to Know the Powerhouse of the Knife Industry

A Cotelleria Knife is not only a symbol of status, but also the perfect ally in the kitchen.
SukaldeUSA is proud to announce the launch of Coltelleria Saladini on our website, an Italian brand with a rich history and commitment to producing the highest quality of knives. Their passion for knifemaking began in the mid-nineteenth century in the medieval village of Scarperia, famously known as “the town of knives”, and the traditions of their knifemaking ancestors fuel their dedication to continuous improvement of the brand to this day. Through innovation stemming from sharp awareness of market needs, an impeccable taste for design, and centuries-old knifemaking traditions, Saladini has established its presence globally as the authority in the industry, a true master of the craft of knifemaking.

Kitchen Collection

Saladini’s Kitchen Collection truly has it all: Kitchen knives, Cheese knives, Table knives, Blocks, and a Corkscrew. Perfect for professional use and daily use in the kitchen, Saladini’s kitchen knives are made of forged steel, ensuring that their blades are durable and resistant. Additionally, the handles are made with natural materials, providing an authentic and unique feel to its owner.

Specialty Items

Saladini’s Specialty items that we carry consists of a variety of truffle cutters and champagne sabers with an elegant and classic design. Both products are assembled from the highest quality of stainless steel and feature a beautifully-made handle; ergonomic, easy-to-use, and comes in the material of your choice: ox horn, buffalo horn, or olive wood.

Knife Handles

Let’s take a closer look at the amazing, natural materials that Saladini utilizes for their knife handles. Ox horn is one of the three materials that they utilize due to its dense and strong properties, offering the perfect grip for its user. Additionally, Saladini sources the best quality buffalo horn for its products as it is a beautiful material that makes a durable handle. Lastly, they use olivewood for their handles, an authentic wood that has an aesthetic charm and is long-lasting with proper care. Thanks to the variability and unique characteristics of these natural materials, no two handles are identical, adding a touch of exclusivity and flair to its owner’s knife collection. 

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