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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95

Zyliss Acrylic 4-Piece Measuring Cup with Fat Separator Set, Red

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SKU E970044U

The Zyliss brand offers a variety of tools for food preparation and is known for implementing innovation in your products. At Zyliss they love the aromas, colors, and textures of the kitchen.

The Gravy Separator Set is ideal for the cook who needs a cup separator and measure at the same time to prepare a homemade sauce. This cup has an easy-to-read design and a capacity for four cups. This product has a peak to separate the juices and internal measurements. It has a sliding scale so that the measurements are accurate and a non-slip handle to have greater control.


  • No-drip spout separates juices from fat
  • Easy-read internal measurements
  • Sliding scale for accurate measurements
  • Non-slip handle and base