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Zwilling Fresh and Save S Vacuum Plastic Lunch Box, White-Grey

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SKU 36805-200

The Fresh & Save vacuum lunch boxes are engineered to function with a vacuum pump, allowing you to savor fresh meals on the move.

You can prepare nutritious salads, vibrant grain bowls, or tasty soups ahead of time, even days prior.

The intelligent vacuum pump reduces oxidation, ensuring salads remain fresh and green, with vitamins and flavors preserved.

For reheating, just put the ultra-light, shatterproof containers in the microwave without sealing.

The lunch box comes with a convenient compartment divider to keep foods separate, maintaining their quality for hours or even days after packing.

With the Fresh & Save system, you can do your grocery shopping once a week and store fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish in our vacuum containers and bags, creating a fresh market experience at home.

Plan your meals in advance and savor them as if they were cooked the same day.

You can sous vide cook meat or marinate it for grilling in just half an hour using the vacuum bags and containers.

Here’s the procedure: Attach the vacuum pump to the valve of the container or bag and press a button to remove the air in just a few seconds.

It automatically stops once enough vacuum is created, sealing in the flavor, aroma, and vitamins.


  • The container is extremely light and made from shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic.
  • It’s safe for use in the freezer, microwave (when not vacuum-sealed), and dishwasher.
  • The design allows for easy stacking and storage.
  • It enables secure freezing of food and meal prep, with vacuum sealing to minimize freezer burn.
  • It’s designed for use with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump.
  • The container can hold up to 0.5 liters without the lid, with a maximum fill level of 0.4 liters.
  • The materials used include BPA-free plastic for the lid and container, and silicone for the valve and seal.
  • The lid is lightweight for easy opening and closing, even when on the go and without the pump.
  • The vacuum containers can be easily linked with the ZWILLING Culinary World App using the QR code on the lids, allowing for food and shelf life tracking.
  • The free app can estimate the shelf life of vacuum-sealed food and meals, and it has a reminder function to notify you when the food should be consumed. The app also offers recipes, instructional videos, and a shopping list feature.