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Zwilling All Star Silver Knife Set, 3-Piece

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Every good knife set comes in a trio: the ZWILLING ALL*STAR series offers a 3-piece set that is a must-have for any well-stocked kitchen.

It includes a vegetable knife for stuffing and peeling fruits and vegetables, a filleting knife for slicing and carving meat, and a chef’s knife that can easily cut through both fish and meat as well as fruits and vegetables.

These three kitchen knives are a blend of our extensive experience of over 290 years in crafting high-quality knives and contemporary design requirements.

The set’s standout visual features are the unique images of the premium logo on the knives. You can pick your favorite, such as a classy silver one.

The knives are crafted from ZWILLING’s proprietary stainless steel formula, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance.

The FRIODUR blade, hardened using an ice-hardening process, is notable for its superior cutting longevity, enabling efficient usage.

The newly designed ergonomic handle ensures that the kitchen knives are always comfortable to grip, no matter your preferred cutting method.

Moreover, these knives are an environmentally friendly choice. We’ve created a new, completely plastic-free packaging specifically for the ZWILLING ALL*STAR series knives, making it a more sustainable option.


  • Modern design
  • Detail with the premium silver logo
  • FRIODUR blade tempered with ice, resistant
  • Special stainless steel, special ZWILLING casting
  • Ergonomic handle, feels good in the hand
  • Chef’s knife for cutting fruits and vegetables, meats and fish
  • Filleting knife for cutting, portioning and carving meat
  • Knife for peeling fruits and vegetables
  • The knife packaging is 100% plastic-free