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Zwilling All Star Silver Knife Set, 2-Piece

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The ZWILLING ALLSTAR series offers a 2-piece knife set that brings together the best features: it includes a larding and garnishing knife, and a versatile Japanese Santoku knife.

The first knife is perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables or larding meat, while the latter is an all-purpose tool that effortlessly slices through fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Aesthetics play a role in the joy of slicing, hence the knives are designed to be visually pleasing.

They feature an exclusive premium logo, and you can choose a logo in a fashionable color that complements your kitchen decor, such as a sophisticated silver.

Both knives are a testament to our 290-year legacy in knife production. These kitchen knives, made in Germany, are crafted from ZWILLING’s special Sonderschmelze steel, known for its superior corrosion resistance.

The FRIODUR blades, hardened using an ice-hardening process, are highly durable and facilitate efficient slicing. The newly designed ergonomic handle ensures the knives are always comfortable to grip, regardless of your preferred cutting method.

The knife set’s packaging is specially designed for the ZWILLING ALLSTAR series and is entirely plastic-free, making it a more sustainable choice.