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Zwilling All Star Silver Bread Knife, 8-Inch

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SKU 33786-204-0

This bread knife, measuring 8 inches, can effortlessly slice through bread, tomatoes, or any other food that has a hard exterior and soft interior.

It can smoothly cut through a crusty sourdough loaf or dice a ciabatta without causing much tearing or crumbing, making it a cleaner and more enjoyable experience.

AllStar knives are the ideal addition to your home kitchen. You can personalize them by selecting the color of the end cap.

The handles, which have been redesigned recently, are ergonomic and provide the most comfortable grip.

These handles are paired with superior German blades, which are precision-forged from a unique steel formula.

These FRIODUR blades, enhanced with ZWILLING’s proprietary ice-hardening process, are harder, sharper, resistant to staining and chipping, and maintain their sharpness for a longer duration.

Each AllStar knife is packaged in 100% plastic-free materials, allowing you to make environmentally conscious choices.


  • End cap featuring a high-quality silver logo for customization
  • Handle designed for ergonomic comfort
  • Constructed from a unique high carbon stainless steel formula
  • FRIODUR blade, hardened using an ice-hardening process, retains sharpness for an extended period
  • Blade honed with precision and a laser-controlled edge for enhanced sharpness
  • SIGMAFORGE - Knife forged as a single piece
  • Packaging is completely free of plastic
  • Safe for dishwasher use, but hand washing is advised
  • Manufactured in Germany