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Zwilling Accessories Stainless Steel Cheese Knife Set, 3-Piece

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SKU 39432-000

The perfect gift for a host, this set of three cheese knives is essential for any cheese board.

Each knife is crafted to cut a specific type of cheese.

With a comfortable, ergonomic design and a matte-brushed stainless steel finish, these knives are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical to use.


  • Includes 3 unique blade designs, each tailored for slicing different cheese varieties.
  • Constructed from matte-brushed stainless steel.
  • Soft Cheese Knife: Crafted for soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort, Muenster, and more, featuring a long, wide blade for neat slices.
  • Medium-Hard Cheese Knife: Perfect for medium-hard cheeses like Cheddar, Emmental, Monterey Jack, and more, equipped with a forked-tip for convenient serving.
  • Parmesan Cheese Knife: Designed for hard cheeses like Parmesan, Old Amsterdam, Grana Padano, and others, with a pointed tip to penetrate the cheese.