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Tamahagane San 3-ply Special Steel Bread Knife with Black Mikarta Handle, 9-Inches

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SKU SNM-1118

With its distinctive and ergonomic handles for unsurpassed performance, the Tamahagane San Bread Knife is great to cut the bread without grinding it.


  • Manufactured by Kataoka and Company in Niigata, Japan.
  • The knife from the Tamahagane SNM series is 3 layers of steel: the middle of the blade is made of hard, but fragile VG5 steel, which is supplemented with 2 layers of mild steel, making the blade very strong, hard, but at the same time retains its flexibility and does not lend itself to distortion and kinks. The knife is fully balanced and very easy to use in any kitchen.
  • After the rolling processes, the marerial of VG5 becomes harder and harder to be 61 degrees Rockwell Hardness in the final thickness of 0.65 mm. Meanwhile, the two outside layers of SUS410 will remain at 28 to 32 degrees to strengthen the blade and protect against damage and corrosion.
  • Sharpness is is the outstanding feature of the knife. The blade is sharper and remains sharpness longer than normal knives.
  • Strongly compressed Laminated-Linen. Nicely shaped handle will fit hands very comfortable and the handle weighted makes the knife well balanced for use. Hand wash is recommended.
  • Re-sharpening: Easy grinding because of very thin VG5 with softer SUS410 on both sides, The sharpening angle is 14-15 degrees.