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Free Shipping on order above $ 59.95

Shizu Yamato Stainless Steel Santoku Knife, 7.2-Inches

SKU SY-4400

Made in Japan, the Shizu Yamato Santoku Knife is a multipurpose assistant in the kitchen, perfect for mincing, dicing and slicing.


  • The blade is made of three-layer steel (steel with high carbon content and molybdenum vanadium AUS8 and martensitic steel with low carbon content SUSA-1).
  • The handle material is laminated.
  • Highly resistant water and rust.
  • Hand-hammered finishes are designed to reduce drag while youre cutting, so food is less likely to stick.
  • Ideal for all cooking
  • Warranty against material and industrial defects
  • Made in Japan