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Riedel The O Wine Tumbler, Champagne Glass

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The Champagne Glass is ideal for showcasing and enhancing the complex features of champagne.

This glass design allows the diverse array of aromas to evolve. Contrary to a flute, the ovate shape of this glass enables the intricate layers to expand and deepen, and the wider rim diameter allows them to be released in a manner not possible with a slender glass.

The glass also incorporates a ‘sparkling point’ to facilitate the creation of Champagne bubbles.

This glass is ideally suited for light, crisp, dry champagnes, proseccos, and sparkling wines.

This item is crafted from transparent crystal glass. Introduced in 2004, RIEDEL The O Wine Tumbler was the first wine tumbler specifically designed for different varietals.

The O series offers a fresh perspective on the casual wine glass, drawing inspiration from the benchmark shapes of RIEDEL’s Vinum series.

An added advantage is that the O Tumbler fits into any dishwasher, eliminating the issue of broken stems.

This product is machine-made and is dishwasher safe.

This set includes 2 pieces.