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Riedel Amadeo Mini Decanter, 26.4 oz

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This decanter was launched in 2006 to celebrate Riedel's 250th anniversary, it is a beautiful set that was named after the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it has a lyre shape and the wine is decanted in the widest opening of the container.

It is designed to be used with a single bottle of wine and has 265 engraved on the base. Stainless steel beads remove dirt and sediment. While the polishing cloth is the perfect tool for you to dry your glassware, you can clean streak-free and lint-free.


  • Features a diamond-shaped
  • Made of fine crystal to honor quality wines with the treatment they deserve.
  • Perfect for removing sludge or making them smoother and rounder.
  • It is designed to hold half a bottle of wine.
  • Recommended for red wines
  • Year of design: 2019
  • Volume: 26.4 Oz
  • Height: 9.8-Inch
  • Dishwasher safe