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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95

Breville Brushed Stainless Steel Sear & Press Grill

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This Sear & Press grill is designed to offer paninis and sandwiches that are pressed, hamburgers and steaks. It has a variable setting so you can grill sandwiches of different sizes, this machine opens so you can use it as an indoor barbecue. Comes with removable, nonstick ceramic-coated plates that clean in the dishwasher.


  • One-Touch Preset: Has programmed Panini, Burger, and Sear functions that create an ideal cooking environment and deliver perfect results for your food dishes.
  • Flat Grill Mode: Allows you to grill steaks, burgers or seafood. The removable drip tray works in barbecue mode and collects fat while cooking.
  • Independent plate temperature control: When you open the BBQ mode, you can cook a wide variety of foods that require different temperatures independently.
  • Reversible ceramic grill and plates: It has a non-stick and natural coating that allows complete comfort. Ceramic plates allow for increased browning, better crust and are free of PFOA and PTFE
  • Easy to clean: PFOA free plates ensure easy cleaning by hand.
  • Capacity: 240 in grilling surface
  • Settings: Panini, Burger and Sear
  • Power: 1510-1800 Watts
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 8.5 x 13.8 x 14.8-Inches