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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95

BOJ Professional Wall Mounted 110 Lux Steel Corkscrew Grey with Taupe Wood Backing

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SKU 01044204

This wall-mounted corkscrew is perfect for you to easily open bottles of wine. You can use it in restaurants, wineries, bars and wine tastings. The corkscrew was created and patented by BOJ in 1959 and is designed for professional use. Thanks to its design, the quality of the materials and the finish, this corkscrew becomes an essential collector's item for anyone.


  • Operation: It is very easy to use, the lever arm maximizes the extraction power, you just have to place the bottle in the holder and it is a mechanism that works without problems.
  • Use: It is designed for places with a high volume of openings such as restaurants, warehouses, bars, however it can be used to give your home a professional touch.
  • Made of: The body is mostly made of zamak, a strong material with a zinc-based metal and alloy elements. 
  • World Patent: It was originally designed 75 years ago and has been improved over the years.
  • Made in Spain, BOJ is a family business that designs and manufactures unique tools for wine in the same workshop since 1905.