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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95

Alfa Forni BBQ500 3-Piece Grill Accesory for Pizza Ovens Set

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This accessory is perfect for you to cook Pizza like a professional, it turns every oven into a barbecue, you have all the tools available at the right time. Everything included is safe for food contact and meets the highest standards. Cooking has never been so easy, it reaches a temperature of 500 C

  • It has triple cooking
  • It reaches very high temperatures (500 C) to cook in less time.
  • It's warmer on the inside and safer on the outside
  • The exterior stays cool and easy to work with.
  • Four Heat Sources: Burning flame, Hot embers, Enveloping dome and Hot bricks.\
  • Recommended for ONE and Ciao ovens.
  • Tall 4-Inches
  • Tray and Grill Length 16-Inches
  • Handle Assembly 24-Inches
  • Tong length 8-Inches