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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95

Zwilling Pro Brown Ash Knife Block Set with KiS technology, 7-Piece

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SKU 38448-007-0

Enjoy the convenience of safe storage and consistently sharp knives – no manual sharpening required.

The ZWILLING SharpBlock, equipped with KIS technology, will maintain your ZWILLING Pro series knife set from now on. Your part is simple: do nothing.

The kitchen knives are automatically sharpened each time they are removed from the block, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook.

There’s no simpler way to ensure optimal edge retention and the quality of your knives.

The mechanism is both straightforward and ingenious.

The slots for smooth-edged knives house two integrated ceramic sharpening stones set at the perfect grinding angle.

As the knife is withdrawn, the blades glide over the sharpening stones, subtly honing them. This means your kitchen knives are always sharp and ready for use – no effort required.

To prevent the knives from being inserted into the wrong slot, they are marked with pictograms indicating the appropriate knife type.

The 7-piece knife block accommodates a 4" larding and garnishing knife, a 5" utility knife, a 8" slicing knife, a 8" chef’s knife, a 8" bread knife, and multi-purpose shears.


  • KIS (Keep It Sharp) technology: Hones itself with every use
  • Automatically hones at the right angle
  • No need for expertise or training in sharpening
  • Visual symbols guide the placement of each knife
  • Efficient in terms of time and space
  • Does not re-sharpen serrated knives