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Zwilling Twin Fin II Nakiri Knife, 6.5-Inch

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Japanese chefs are known for their rapid vegetable chopping skills. This is attributed to their extensive experience and the use of appropriate tools.

A Nakiri knife, traditionally used in Japan, is a prime example. The TWIN Fin II series Nakiri knife, made in Japan, features a notably wide blade that is 6.5" long.

This makes the professional chef’s knife ideal for chopping fruits and vegetables.

The blade allows for direct transfer of ingredients to the pot. The Japanese knife is crafted from high-quality N60 stainless steel that has been ice-hardened, making it both sturdy and flexible.

The kitchen knife’s design is exceptional: its sleek shape with an intriguing gill design on the handle appears futuristic and is highly functional.

The weight is finely balanced, ensuring the knife always feels comfortable and secure in hand.

This Nakiri kitchen knife impresses with its high quality and is also dishwasher safe.


  • Blade length: 6.5"
  • FRIODUR ice-hardened blade for exceptionally long-lasting and resilient edge sharpness
  • Crafted in the Japanese city of Seki
  • N60 stainless steel: these knives are simultaneously strong and flexible
  • Ergonomic steel handle with gill design for safe and fatigue-free knife handling