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Zwilling Fresh & Save Plastic Vacuum Bag Set, L / 3-Piece

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SKU 36800-305

The Fresh & Save vacuum bags are engineered to collaborate with the vacuum pump, extending the freshness of food up to five times longer compared to non-vacuum storage methods.

These bags, available in small, medium, and large sizes individually or in convenient sets, can accommodate various portion sizes.

You can freeze entire meals, warm up a single serving for lunch, or store fresh ingredients. The easy-zip closure guarantees a secure seal with no leakage, and the included liquid barrier prevents liquids from being absorbed by the vacuum pump.

With the Fresh & Save system, you can do your grocery shopping once a week and store fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and fish in our vacuum containers and bags, essentially creating your own fresh market at home.

Plan and prepare your meals in advance, and savor them as if they were cooked the same day.

You can cook meat sous vide or marinate meat for grilling in just 30 minutes using the vacuum bags and containers.

Here’s the process: Simply load the bag and seal it using the practical leak-proof zipper. Attach the vacuum pump to the bag valve and press a button to remove the air in just a few seconds.

The pump automatically stops once enough vacuum has been achieved.

Then, just press the push button in the center of the bag’s red silicone valve to securely seal it.

This process locks in flavors and vitamins, ensuring your food remains fresh up to five times longer!


  • The set comprises: 3 large vacuum bags that are BPA free
  • The bags have easy-zip closures for a perfect seal and are safe for the freezer and microwave (without the vacuum seal)
  • A liquid barrier is provided to prevent the pump from absorbing liquids during the vacuum sealing process
  • The bags are compact, allowing for efficient storage in the fridge, freezer, and pantry
  • The bags are suitable for sous vide cooking
  • Marinating time is halved
  • The bags are designed for use with the Fresh & Save vacuum pump
  • Food stays fresh up to 5 times longer, helping to reduce waste
  • The containers and bags can be reused, saving money and reducing waste
  • Meals for the week can be planned, saving time and promoting healthier eating
  • Fresh & Save. It’s simple, smart, and keeps things fresh.