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Zwilling Bob Kramer Carbon 2.0 Chef's Knife, 6-Inch

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SKU 36701-163

The 6-inch chef’s knife is a versatile and dependable tool, particularly for those who favor a more compact chef’s knife. It allows for effortless chopping of herbs, mincing of shallots, and slicing of chicken, thanks to its extremely sharp blade.

The Kramer Carbon 2.0 represents the latest advancement in knife design by Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer.

The collection, featuring a reimagined blade shape from bolster to tip, provides enhanced weight distribution and balance for more effective cutting.

Each knife in the collection boasts a new Micarta handle, hand-shaped for robustness, durability, and exceptional hygiene.

The handle design is adorned with eye-catching brass rivets and a Bob Kramer mosaic pin.

Straight carbon steel, a material once common in home kitchens but now somewhat rare, demands understanding and careful maintenance.

However, those who do so will be rewarded with a level of sharpness and edge keenness that only straight carbon can provide.

These knives, hand-finished in a 3-step process by highly skilled Japanese artisans, offer remarkable sharpness.


  • Produced in Seki, Japan.
  • Made from straight carbon steel 52100.
  • Crafted according to the precise specifications of Master Bladesmith Bob Kramer.
  • Undergoes a unique hardening process.
  • Sharpened using a traditional 3-step method for outstanding sharpness.
  • Features a double-tapered blade and tang.
  • Comes with a stylish micarta handle adorned with brass rivets and a Bob Kramer mosaic pin.
  • Has a Rockwell Hardness of 61, ensuring excellent edge retention.
  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning – it’s recommended to hand wash.