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Free Shipping on order above $ 59.95

Tamahagane San Kyoto Damascus Steel Kengata Knife with Black Mikarta Handle, 7.5-Inches

SKU SNK-1133
Elegant, high quality, maximum efficient, versatile Kengata knife. The Kengata blade design is essentially a Japanese version of a chef's knife, which will make this knife suitable for both professional and amateur chefs
  • Tamahagana knives are made in Nigata, Japan, a region known for steel products. They are made in the traditional way, but using modern techniques and modern technology. The word tamahagan means "precious" steel - it is first-class crude steel that has the potential to be turned into a real katana blade by an experienced blacksmith, the hardest, flexible, lightweight and extremely sharp
  • The beauty of the Tamahagane line lies in the intertwining of the steel layers - the boundary between the layers is formed by the elegant vintage that winds along the blade. The outer layers are polished in appearance. Exceptionally sharp edge thanks to thin VG5 steel core sandwiched between layers of SUS410 steel for stain resistance. The 63 Damascus layer finish creates interesting patterns which enhances to the knifes great looks
  • The Kyoto Kengata Knife's are fitted with elegant black handles made of high quality Micarta material. It is quite large for Japanese knives and provides a firm grip. Suitable for leftists and right-wingers
  • Hand wash only; made in Japan