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Swiss Diamond XD Edge Stir-Fry Pan with Lid, 2.2-Quart

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SKU XD6524c

Swiss Diamond International is a renowned kitchenware company based in Sierra, Switzerland, and was founded in 2001. This company is responsible for overseeing the production of its cookware and won a gold medal at the International Inventors Fair in Geneva. At the same time, it has a variety of kitchen utensils such as: knives, blenders and silicone tools.

The EDGE Stir Fry Pan is ideal for cooking in the traditional style is a pan that has non-stick technology that is perfect for frying food, has a 20 percent more diamonds improving the properties of food release. Also, it has an extra-thick aluminum design with a flat base that does not tilt, twist or deform while you're cooking, and that ensures that the heat is distributed evenly. It has a large space to make family portions and has a glass lid that is perfect for monitoring food while you are cooking and has an adjustable knob to control the steam.


  • XD diamond-reinforced coating features an improved seal between nonstick cooking surface & aluminum base
  • Rivet-free cooking surface protects against bacteria
  • Switch effortlessly between stovetop to oven
  • Comfortable, ergonomic, stay-cool handles can withstand heat up to 500F
  • Eco-Friendly production process
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Made in Switzerland
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