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Shun Dual Core Kiritsuke Knife With Sheath, 8-Inches

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SKU VG0017

With the brand's unsurpassed quality and design, the Shun Dual Core Kiritsuke Knife is perfect for slicing and push cuts.

It is a multipurpose knife with top cutting performance and versatility, and also an excellent choice for cleaning and portioning boneless proteins, and particularly fish. 


  • A work of culinary art and top performance; includes wooden SAYA (shealth)
  • 71 alternating micro-layers of high-carbon, high-chromium VG10 & VG2 stainless steel extend all the way to the edge to maintain long-lasting high-performance; razor-sharp 16° edge
  • Traditional octagon-shaped handle in ebony PakkaWood® provide a comfortable, secure grip; beautiful, durable PakkaWood won't harbor bacteria
  • Rabbet tang controls weight and enhances maneuverability; this tang type is how samurai swords were commonly constructed
  • Handcrafted in Japan
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