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Riedel Cabernet Decanter

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SKU 1440/13

Sophisticated and geometric, the Cabernet decanter is a practical item for wine enthusiasts.

Its functional design makes it appropriate for both young and mature wines, whether they’re white or red. This product is crafted from transparent crystal glass.

This decanter is engineered to accommodate a single bottle of wine. RIEDEL provides a broad selection of practical machine-made decanters, suitable for every lifestyle at attractive prices.

A decanter is an essential item for wine aficionados, and all RIEDEL decanters are made of fine crystal glass to give quality wines the respect they deserve.

Both mature and young wines can reap the benefits of decanting, whether it’s to eliminate sediment or to make them more mellow and rounded.

This product is machine-made and is dishwasher safe. RIEDEL suggests using bottle cleaners to eliminate stains from the decanter.

This package includes one piece.