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Free Shipping on order above $ 59.95

Plum Cleaning Kit

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SKU Plum-CK-01

Plum is recognized as the first company that introduced an automatic wine apparatus that allows you to keep the wine for up to 90 days and serve it at the correct temperature. They started with a single objective, changing the way the wine is served to match the way we live, from the beginning they wanted to deliver an automatic appliance that conserves and cools the wine to easily enjoy it in a glass. They wanted to solve the problem of wanting a glass of wine but not wanting to waste the bottle or avoid losing a good wine because it had been open too long, and that's how they developed a product that is attractive enough to be in the living room, and so advanced as to facilitate the process of conservation and cooling of wine.

This is a cleaning kit that has a full year supply of cleaning packages and bottle caps so you can keep your Plum running without any problems.


  • One year supply of cleaning packages and bottle caps
  • Accessory designed to enhance your Plum experience with the Plum Reserve
  • Plum's automated cleaning system will let you know when it's time to run a cleaning cycle using the included cleaning bottle and packets
  • Plum works with any two standard 750ml bottles with any closure