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Irinox Fresco Elite Multi-Function Countertop Black Blast Chiller/Flash Freezer With 9 Different Functions, 23-Inches

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SKU D2002001
This Multifunction Blast Chiller is perfect for you to transform your lifestyle. It has nine functions for you to eat better and have a healthy lifestyle. It has an internal chamber that is constructed of stainless steel and has temperatures between -31 to +167°F (-35°C to +75°C). A 100% Italian technology, so that you maintain the texture of the food for up to six months, as if it were not frozen.

  • 9 different functions: blast chilling, shock freezing, gentle freezing, customised preservation, controlled thawing, drinks cooling, low-temperature cooking, natural proofing, and ready meal.
  • Achieve rapid cooling for food: You can cook when you want and cool foods that are at temperatures as 3ºC / 37.4°F in just seconds, thus preserving quality, texture and flavor. You can store them for up to seven days.
  • Extends the life of your vegetables: It has a quick freeze function and cools down in temperatures between -18 °C/-0.4 °F to preserve food and that when defrosted they are as fresh as they were before
  • Maintain the temperature of your food: Ideal for hot and delicate dishes, you can have an excellent freezing result that is fast but not aggressive.
  • Chills drinks in less than 20 minutes: Perfect for reaching temperatures between 1°C / 1.8°F per minute
  • Low temperature cooking: You will no longer have raw or burnt food, it never exceeds the internal temperature of 70°C/158°F. So that you highlight the flavors and maintain consistency.
  • Electric supply: 120 Vac / 60 Hz
  • Total rating: 324 W
  • Full load amps: 3.10A
  • Gas Type/ Gas charge: R290/ 1.97 oz
  • Climatic class: T (64°F/32.2°C + 109°F/32.2°C)
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 15.43 x 22.20 x 14.95-Inches