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Free Shipping on order above $ 59.95

Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica Espresso Machine, Copper and Brass


The Elektra SemiAutomatica machine marries convenience and quality espresso. From assembly to espresso extraction, expect each step to be seamless. The attachment of the steam wand is the only required assembly. Three red switches are delegated to the power, coffee brew, and boiler refill functions. Crafting the most flavorful espresso beverages is made easier through the heat exchanger system with proper temperature. The machine is also built with an automatic pressure and temperature regulator as well as a knob-controlled steam valve for utmost user-friendliness.

If you want a unique espresso machine that produces amazing espresso, look no further. Elektra is well known for the beautiful appearance of their espresso machines, and the Elektra MicroCasa SemiAutomatica certainly lives up to this reputation it is a true work of art. Each machine is handcrafted from some of the finest materials. This is a machine for someone who appreciates the handcrafted feel over products churned out by automated machinery on a mass scale. It is durable, efficient and delivers a great espresso experience.


  • Three red switches power, coffee brew, & boiler refill
  • Brass eagle situated on dome with wings up
  • Water level sight glass with pressure gauge
  • Pump-operated to deliver water to grouphead and to refill boiler
  • Heat exchanger system with proper temperature to extract the most flavorful espresso beverages!!!
  • Manual water refill switch for boiler
  • Boiler pressure relief valve for safety
  • Durable brass boiler that provides very dry steam for frothing milk
  • Extended steam wand away from boiler
  • Twist knob-controlled steam valve for quick turn ons and offs!
  • Three way solenoid valve to relieve pressure in grouphead when finished extracting espresso to avoid espresso explosion when removing the portafilter handle
  • Top loading water basin for easy refill and for continuous water delivery (manual switch by operator) so machine does not have to be shut down like hand lever models
  • Automatic pressure/temperature regulator
  • DIMENSIONS: 23 x 10.5 x 10.5-Inches; Weight: 25 lbs; Wattage: 900