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Free Shipping on order above $ 69.95

Coltelleria Saladini Stainless Steel Truffle Cutter with Buffalo Horn Handle, 11-Inches

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SKU 6011B

Thanks to its design, you have more freedom to choose a smooth or serrated blade or both, since they can be interchanged. Made of forged stainless steel and with an ergonomic handle, it is perfect for you to make a cut without much effort. 100% handcrafted in Italy


  • Made from the highest quality materials such as forged stainless steel. Thanks to these materials it has a hardness and a great resistance.
  • It has a beautiful handle that is ergonomic and easy to use.
  • Is ideal for you to cut truffles as the core thickness can be adjusted by moving the support base instead of the blade.
  • Made 100% in Italy
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