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Ankarsrum Original Blender for the Ankarsum Stand Mixer, 5.5-Inches

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Ankasrum started in 1940, and since 1969 they have designed and manufactured kitchen helpers in a small community in Smaland, in southern Sweden. Since its launch, it has been optimized in several areas and the number of accessories has grown, although the concept of having a reliable and easy to use kitchen assistant has remained with the passage of time. The original Ankarsum has been chosen as "best in the test" on several occasions, and that has prompted the company to be better. As proof of success we have the positive reception that has been received in its latest model by the media, retailers and users.


  • It locks securely into place and lets you make an endless variety of sauces, smoothies, protein drinks, soups, chopped nuts, baby foods and more!
  • Sliding inner lid that adjusts to keep smaller quantities near the blades for fast, uniform blending action.
  • Liquid ingredients poured through the center column pass down through the inner lid, perfect for jobs like adding olive oil to a salad dressing.
  • This inner lid is removable, so it's never in the way when you don't need it.
  • Pitcher with a five cup capacity.
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