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Riedel The O Wine Tumbler, Syrah/Shiraz

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The Syrah/Shiraz glass is ideal for harmonising the robust tannins and rich fruit that are characteristic of medium-bodied red wines.

This design was created between 1993-1995, following sensory workshops in key Shiraz producing regions, and has since become the most adaptable red wine shape in the RIEDEL collection.

The large bowl, with a slightly narrowing opening, enhances the intense aromas and showcases abundant fruit, a refined structure, and a lengthy, sweet finish on the palate.

This item is crafted from transparent crystal glass.

Introduced in 2004, RIEDEL The O Wine Tumbler was the first wine tumbler specifically designed for different varietals.

The O series offers a fresh perspective on the casual wine glass, drawing inspiration from the benchmark shapes of RIEDEL’s Vinum series.

An added advantage is that the O Tumbler fits into any dishwasher, eliminating the issue of broken stems. This product is machine-made and is dishwasher safe.