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Riedel 8-Piece Veritas Champagne Glass, 16 Oz

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This champagne glass is ideal for developing and displaying the complex characteristics of champagne. You can unfold a wide range of aromas and unlike a flute, the design allows the layers to grow and intensify, it has a larger rim diameter that allows it to release in a way that the narrow glass does not. Also, it has a sparkling point to help the champagne bubbles form.

The Veritas series was developed in 2014 and set the standard for glassware once again George J. Riedel created a series that was visually appealingThis elegant set of champagne glasses is well balanced and accentuates the complexity and richness of the champagne. Thanks to its design, it highlights the spectrum of aromas and flavors to preserve an elegant effervescence. Ideal for gatherings with your friends or family.


  • Set Includes: 8 Champagne Glasses
  • Made of crystal, riedel uses blown glass to create glassware that enhances aroma and flavor.
  • Complies with the best European standards and glass technology
  • Handcrafted and engraved with riedel's lettering
  • Year of Design: 2019
  • Capacity: 16 oz
  • Height: 9.2-Inch
  • Dishwasher safe