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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95

Smeg Retro-Style Cream Espresso Manual Coffee Machine

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This coffee machine comes with an integrated grinder that ensures the authentic taste of coffee from freshly ground beans; quick to start and always has steam ready for use.

An espresso machine engineered to deliver the perfect Italian espresso, with options for both single and double shots. Operates at a pump power of 20 bars, ensuring the espresso is always extracted correctly.

Featuring a professional 58mm filter holder, designed to guarantee the best outcome in your cup and offering the flexibility to select from 4 different extraction temperatures and 4 pre-infusion profiles.

The built-in pressure gauge allows you to verify if the coffee is being extracted at the right pressure.


Single coffee: Yes
Single coffee: Yes
Double coffee: Yes
Adjustable coffee size: Yes
Adjustable water hardness: soft/medium/hard/very hard
Decalcification alarm: Yes
Empty water tank alarm: Yes
Adjustable stand-by function: Yes
Stand-by setting: 10 min / 30 min / 40 min / 60 min
Adjustable coffee temperature: Short / Standard / Long / progressive
Adjustable coffee temperature: 2: one to warm milk, and the other to foam it
Adjustable coffee temperature: low/medium/optimal/high
Adjustable coffee temperature: Short / Standard / Long / progressive
Espresso coffee: Yes
Espresso coffee: Yes
Espresso coffee: Yes