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SMEG - A story of innovation, growth, and dedication

SMEG - A story of innovation, growth, and dedication

SMEG is an Italian company that manufactures home appliances. Surprisingly, in 1988, SMEG opened its first branch in France. Since then, their business has been growing by leaps and bounds, having 18 global subsidiaries plus a couple of overseas offices in Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.

As a result of various collaborations and partnerships in different countries with countless architects, SMEG has adapted and produced a wide array of domestic appliances catering to clients across multiple sectors. (hospitality, food, catering, medicine, healthcare)

The key to SMEG’s success lies in its approach, which focuses primarily on quality, technology, and design, giving the phrase - Made in Italy - a whole new meaning.

How did it all start?

SMEG was founded by Mr. Vittorio Bertazzoni, Sr., in 1948. Initially, the Bertazzoni family started as blacksmiths, and their success prompted them to venture into building kitchens.

At the start, SMEG concentrated mainly on metal enameling, but Mr. Bertazzoni’s foresight and vision were one of a kind. He had a feeling that investing in home appliances and electronics would pay off in the long run, and he was right.

Key achievements of SMEG -
1. 1950s - Launch of gas-cookers with an automatic switch-on feature.
2. 1963 - Launch and production of laundry and dishwasher range.
3. 1970 - Produced a 60 cm, 14 places setting dishwasher.
4. The 70s - Advent of the first built-in hobs and ovens & collaboration with renowned architects.
5. The 1990s - introduction of new products like sinks, hoods & colored retro refrigerators.

From then on, SMEG has entered other industries like health care and medicine.

Where technology meets functionality


At SMEG, we believe in creating products that embrace style and functionality. Keeping this in mind, we make stylish products that resonate with customers and reflect their personalities.

Understand that the kitchen and dining area is where family members assemble and spend quality time. SMEG’s home appliances are carefully designed and produced to enrich people’s lives and help them lead an enjoyable life.

A lot of research and analysis goes on at SMEG’s internal design studio. Research pertaining to styles, trends, technology, and aesthetics. With valuable support from world-renowned architects like Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, Marc Newson, and others, integrating style with functionality becomes a reality.

As a result of strict quality testing, all SMEG’s products are designed to deliver optimal performance while possessing essential qualities like flexibility, durability, elegance, and safety.

SMEG - Always true to its roots

Since its inception in 1948, SMEG has come a long way. We have embraced new technology and techniques during this long journey, but not once did we abandon our Italian identity.

Fighting Italian spirit, commitment, and dedication to our craft are what have helped us get so far. Be it ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, refrigerators, all of our products reflect critical aspects of our Italian identity like innovative elegance, individuality, and excellence.

From retro refrigerators, steel cookers, etc., SMEG has created new trends that not only simplify life but add value to it. While collaborating with engineers, architects, and designers, our internal design studio and other departmental heads adhere to the same principles.

Responsibility towards the environment

Innovation, technology, and convenience come at a price; that is what most people think. Not true all the time. At SMEG, we have adopted policies to ensure environmental sustainability. In reality, SMEG has become a campaigner for the green approach. We have accomplished this by incorporating these values in our designing and manufacturing processes.

Intelligent energy consumption and implementing healthy practices have helped us bag the Modena Domotics Competition in 2007. How did we meet the objectives of environmental sustainability and minimal energy usage?

The answer lies in adopting modern automation technology, ensuring the smooth functioning of safety, distribution, and transportation systems. Taking it a step further, we have also optimized electricity and climate control and built infrastructure on not more than 30% of the land while planting more than 4000 trees in the vicinity.

All the above steps display our commitment towards environmental protection and the people residing around the site. In addition to this, we also use materials like steel, aluminum, glass, and copper that can be easily recycled.

Most importantly, SMEG ensures full compliance with the EU directives, ROHS (Restriction of hazardous substances), and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and chemical substances restriction). ROHS has strict regulations in place on the use of dangerous substances, while REACH exercises control over the use of chemical substances.

Both aim to protect human health and the environment. Talking about sustainability, SMEG makes it a point to partner up with eco-friendly suppliers and use recyclable packaging, alternative means of transport, etc.

SMEG has undertaken other initiatives.
1. Reduced pollutant emissions.
2. Reduced use of water, electricity, and packaging during production.
3. Innovative waste management system.
4. Effective waste segregation.

To us, environmental conservation and sustainability do not stop reducing pollution and the effective use of resources. We place a strong emphasis on producing appliances that consume minimal energy while delivering maximum output. Like innovation, the question for excellence is also a continuous process, getting better with time.

Key awards won by SMEG
1. 2007 - Modena Domotics competition.
2. 2008 - Dedalo and Minosse International Prize
3. 2009 - Wallpaper design award
4. 2010 - Award for the Marc Newson-designed oven and gas hob.
5. 2012 - Award for PVB750-2E concept gas hob.
6. 2013 - SFP140 linea aesthetic oven and for the SMEG 500 refrigerator (a collaboration between SMEG and FIAT)

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