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Free Shipping on orders above $ 69.95
Small Appliances: Our Top 5 Picks

Small Appliances: Our Top 5 Picks

          Electric Kettle
Boiling water has never been easier! It’s no surprise that electric kettles have gained immense popularity in recent years considering their ingenious technology. Electric kettles are the must-have appliance that everyone needs in their kitchen simply because they are multi-purpose, energy-efficient, and faster compared to stovetop kettles. The Zwilling Enfinigy Stainless Steel Electric Kettle not only heats up water fast, it  keeps water hot for much longer thanks to its double-walled body with thermal insulation- innovation at its finest.


Coffee Machine

What could possibly sound better than enjoying a quality cup of coffee from the comfort of your home? Every coffee lover needs their own at-home coffee machine. The Smeg Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with Steamer will give you a reason to stop going on your daily $7 Starbucks runs. This stunning coffee machine will elevate the quality of your morning cup of coffee through its built-in steel grinder, thermoblock heating system, brewing settings, and adjustable water hardness settings.  



Breakfast- the most important meal of the day. A reliable toaster is essential when it comes to preparing a hearty breakfast. A toaster that offers several cooking levels is one that will deliver quality with every use. Toast your bagels and baguettes to perfection with the Magimix 2-Slot Vision Toaster-the world’s first transparent toaster with 8 toasting levels, 4 pre-programmed settings, and long-lasting quartz elements- an absolute game changer in the kitchen.


                Hand Blender

A hand blender is the perfect helping hand in the kitchen. Making soups, sauces, spreads, smoothies, and shakes is now easier than ever thanks to hand blenders. The Bamix GL200 Gastro Pro-3 Immersion Hand Blender is powered by a 200-watt Swiss made motor, made of nylon and brass, and includes 3 interchangeable stainless-steel blades, a table stand, and an extra-long shaft. This hand blender is durable, powerful, and multipurpose- truly the workhorse of the kitchen.


Stand Mixer

A stand mixer will transform any cook’s experience in the kitchen. This versatile appliance will help alleviate the manpower needed to knead dough or meat, as well as many other mixing tasks. The Ankarsrum 6230 Original Stand Mixer will upgrade your cooking capabilities in the kitchen with its double whisk bowl assembly, 600-watt motor, 12-minute timer, and speed control, making cooking a hassle-free and more enjoyable process.

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