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Château LAGUIOLE: the 28th Anniversary

Château LAGUIOLE: the 28th Anniversary

Created in 1993 by Master Sommelier Guy Vialis, the Château LAGUIOLE sommelier knife has exceeded expectations and has been preferred among the world’s best sommeliers since its release. Château LAGUIOLE knives are 100% made in France, and primarily manufactured in Theirs, the French capital of knife making with an expertise of 600 years. Since its debut, with 80,000 units sold the first year, this prestigious wine opener has been the preferred choice of corkscrews among the best sommeliers across the globe. Château LAGUIOLE continues to uphold high-quality standards since its release in 1993 and promises a lifetime guarantee on all its products.

 Classical Series

Disappointed by the quality of existing corkscrews of his time, Guy Viales made it his mission to create a strong, efficient, and luxurious sommelier knife; therefore, the classic Château LAGUIOLE was born. The classic Château LAGUIOLE was the first high-end corkscrew launched in the world in 1993, and to this day is the most sold out of all high-end, waiter-style Laguiole corkscrews.

Grand Cru Series

The Grand Cru Collection offers 33 different materials and colors for the handle- catering to a wide variety of tastes. The Grand Cru series has the same main characteristics as the Classical series but differs in its extra touch of elegance, style, and durability- suitable for heavy-duty usage of more than 20 bottles a day. 

World Best Sommelier Collection

The Best Sommelier Collection was created by Master Sommelier Guy Viales to commemorate the world’s best sommeliers. Each piece from this collection was made based on the preference and personality of every sommelier who has won the “Best Sommelier of the World competition” since Château LAGUIOLE’s debut in 1993.

Versailles Collection

The Versailles Collection was derived from no other than the gardens of the Château de Versailles. This collection is highly valued due to the exclusive nature of the trees the sommelier is made from, ranging from 221 to 324 years old. Additionally, all of the Versailles models are engraved with a lily flower to symbolize the French Kingdom.

 Melchior Collection

The Melchior Collection is inspired by the biblical origin of Melchior, a symbol of wisdom as it refers to one of the three wise men. Melchior also refers to one of the largest bottles of wines available- holding 18 liters of wine. This series’ design features a modern touch, and its wider handle allows an excellent grip of the sommelier knife- perfect for those with bigger hands.

Opus Collection

The Opus Collection is extremely limited and handcrafted in France by a master cutler. This series began in 2019 and showcases dual hand-chiseled liners, a full rear handle, and a forged bee.

Join us in celebrating Château LAGUIOLE’s 28th anniversary and browse our exclusive collection by simply searching up “Château LAGUIOLE” on our search bar to order your very own high-end Sommelier Corkscrew while supplies last.

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